Mt Washington Real Estate: look at the numbers

For many years – decades, in fact, the LA area, Mount Washington, was one of the hidden treasures of the surrounding area of ​​Los Angeles. All this changed during the real estate boom in the mid-1990s and since then has been working in the mountains. House in Washington were similar to the California Gold Rush. Home buyers, investors, house flippers and creative types raskupovvayuts Mt. Real Estate in Washington as soon as possible. Let's see, what are the facts and figures.

Mount Washington is located in the north-east of Los Angeles, to the south of Eagle Rock, west of Highland Park and in the north-east from Cypress Park. This mountain community is located on the hills of San Rafael. Each house is situated on the unique and hilly terrain. It is an eclectic community with a & # 39 is home to many styles of houses that allows people to build many different shapes, sizes and slopes.

The different styles include: cottages, modern Middle Ages, Spanish, Middle Ages on a slope, Historical wizard cottages with trees, cottages and bungalows.

According to the LA Times, the population of Mount Washington in 2008 was 13 531 people. With a radius of 1.85 square mile was 6878 people per square mile. This is about average for Los Angeles County. The average income of 57,725 dollars in 2008 and 2.9 persons per household size. Both of these figures are the average for the county.

Despite the fact that the house is on a hill, Mount Washington is surprisingly accessible for walking, bicycles and public transport. According, on Mount Washington can be somewhat recover from the score of 50. Some of the orders can be done on foot. Evaluation of the transit of Mount Washington is 59, which means that there are plenty of convenient public transportation options – including the Metro Gold Line, which saves travelers in Southwest Museum. And finally, although this community is decorated with bars of steep hills, there are some bike lanes on major roads that earn 35 points at the ball.

Zillow claims that the index of home prices in Mount Washington is $ 720 100. This is an increase of 5.1% from last year. Zillow predicts that by the end of the year, the value increased by 2.8% to $ 740 000. The average price per square foot – 612 dollars, which is higher than in Los Angeles, an average of 451 dollars per square foot. The average rental price – 2942 dollars a month.

Because Redfin named Mount Washington is one of the hottest cities in the country, peragortka home has increased, though wildfire throughout the community. In fact, Zillow called the housing market is "cool" because it has become the ideal for the buyer with so many homes to choose fresh. Due to this increase in listings, approximately 11.5% of the lists eventually galyayuts price. Compared with other markets in the country is 2.2 / 10 This is a part of the middle stream of the real estate in Mount Washington, the health market. People will continue to search for homes in Mount Washington, but over time, most of the houses will be inverted and / or sold. After a number of lists is reduced, the community will return to the "hot" – "Pradavetskaga market" – with the bank of people who are trying to get a property in this hidden oasis of Los Angeles.

George and Martha Washington Lamps – history

Sorry, but the lamp is really very little to do with George and Martha Washington, in addition to fashion clothing and apparel.

Most lamps George and Martha Washington were made of porcelain around 1940. Usually they are made of real gold trim 22 K. Try as much as you like, but you will never be able to repeat the gold-colored finish, which is used in these magnificent porcelain lamps, if you are not using real gold.

Although commonly referred to as lamps of George and Martha Washington, the decorative motifs that adorn the porcelain lamps actually represent the wealthiest members of the French court of King Louis XV of about 1765.

Decorative shapes commonly found in different styles romantic, picnics, dance, poetry, singing etc. Fragonard was famous for his very lush and hedonistic art, which was in great demand by wealthy patrons of artists morally free and fun-filled court of Louis XV. Decoration of George and Martha lamps are much more restrained picture Fragonard.

No longer produce lamps of George and Martha Washington, and the value of these antique lamps continues to grow.

George Washington lived from 1732 of one thousand seven hundred ninety-nine years, so he was alive, when France were created original designs these wonderful lamps.

In 1775 the Continental Congress appointed Washington commander in chief of the American revolutionary forces. Later, he was elected president in 1789, but George and Martha Washington had nothing to do with these lamps, except for the fact that they both have a similar mode of dressing, which was also prevalent in France at that time.

– Jim Hoyle

Ben & Chili Bowl, Washington

Several years ago, I had to spend a week visiting our nation's capital, Washington. We visited such famous places as the Capitol, the White House and all the different monuments and many interesting museums. Although I was a tourist, I wanted to experience not only tourist attractions, but also outstanding attractions. I'm talking about unknown places that need to evaluate five stars, but not with the & # 39 are.

We arrived in 1213 U St, NW in DC at Ben-Chili Bowl (one of the few places), and the first thing that caught my attention is the colorful statue of a bear sitting in front of the building. Bear sat there, as if waiting for someone to bring him a jar of sweet honey. This establishment is located at the same address since opening in 1958, Ben and Virginia Ali. At the entrance to the restaurant is a little took eleven thirty in the morning, a small snack, as an institution, was crowded with customers. Line to make my order was already circled around the dining table to the left of the counter seating. The place was not. All the tables were taken, including in the back dining room. Fortunately, the friendly staff quickly came and cleared the tables as soon as other guests had left. Many famous people, such as comics, politicians, sports figures and musicians, ate in this bustling business. So I decided it was time for me to take food.

By the time the order came, I was lucky that I was located, if a & # 39; Ride another family & # 39; I was resting. food size is huge compared with a reasonable price. I ordered pavkurennya, fries and a drink, and my son had the chili dog, fries and a soda. Not a big fan of chili, because most of me too sharp, but still chili was quite a different attitude. At the first taste of the famous tasting chili it was just so appetizing and delicious. This delicacy was different from anything I have ever tasted. It's not that sharp or overwhelming, but it had the right amount of spices and ingredients to make a rich and fragrant taste. She half smoke was very different show. This huge sausage, which spent the right amount of time on the grill, giving it the perfect taste in the back yard, which with every bite I wanted more. French fries were crispy, not was soft after frying in oil. My son, who & # 39 is a very healthy eater, was halfway its great meal and could not finish it. It sat down the food because it was too good to leave it.

There are not many businesses that have experienced the signs of change, as the economy continued to ride a roller coaster. However, this appetizer is and continues to thrive 50 years later. I'm pretty sure that their recipe for success – pure love to the satisfaction of their customers & # 39; taste buds. I appreciate this is a great restaurant a perfect 5 stars for its excellent food and service, and for that I burned them again.

Spring in Washington – our top 10 things to look out for

This is not your dad's baseball stadium, Washington's citizens play in one of the most modern parks in the nation, which makes everything very comfortable and memorable. The main feature – digital displays used for park theater. Orders go faster and with less errors, this means that less time waiting in line and more time spent on the game.

2 National White Festival
There is no central location for this particular festival, as in days of spring events and festivals are held throughout the city. glasses and white shades fill the peripheral view, so that even the most gray with cobbled tourist places look happy.

Food lovers unite! Truckeroo – it's fast food, done right. Trucks with food going around the spring to show off their menu, and the music and entertainment pose satisfaction if you lasuetse fresh and delicious food. There is something for everyone, not just fried food and burgers.

4 PLEASE Dragon Festival
Take a trip down the river descendant to experience the wonderful displays of Chinese arts and cultural demonstrations that culminated in the main event competition dragon races.

This spring tradition speaks for itself. Every year, on the lawn of the White House come together tens of thousands of people to take part in the annual rollout eggs, as well as games and activities for the whole family & # 39; and.

6 Passport DC
That's what DC washing should be the most well-known: a multicultural event. Each year the collective "festival" is held in May, which is about the & # 39; combines embassies and learn different cultures and public relations with a sampling of different arts and traditions.

There's almost always something going on at the Smithsonian, but in the spring they devote the April monthly art and jazz heritage. You will find many special guests who speak and act, it is a must for any music lover, not to mention jazz.

8 American Science and Engineering Festival EXPO
This festival, which takes place at the Washington Convention Center, hosts hundreds of events and workshops for anyone even remotely interested in science and technology. Calendar that can achieve science and technology, constantly pushed, you can understand that it can have a future in this exhibition.

9 Filmfest DC
The oldest and most popular festival in DC takes place every year in late April to bring viewers the most anticipated and newly discovered gems from around the world. Some sites get less than others, so do not think that this festival is open only for the elite.

10 National Historic Site FREDERICK DOUGLASS
This is another mandatory place to visit during your stay in Maryland. The famous slave who escaped slavery to become one of the most respected black scholars and activists walked into a modest house in which once lived one of the most powerful minds of America.

Slave and slave Literature: Booker T. Washington and Lorraine Vivian Hansberry

Slavery is a condition in which people belong to others who control where they live and what work. Just to be a slave – it belongs to another person, who is known as his master. Slave – a person who is classified as property, and forced to work for nothing. Slavery existed throughout history in many places and many times. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Incas and Aztecs were all slaves.

Slavery in the United States began in the colonial period in 1619, when Dutch traders brought 19 black Africans in the colonies of North America, Zheymstaun, Virginia, as a laborer, who worked mainly in the production of tobacco crops, and then cotton. Slavery was practiced in the American colonies during the 17th and 18th century and dominated almost 250 years.

According to historian David Bryony Davis and Eugene Geneveze, treatment of slaves in America it was cruel and inhumane at work and outside of it. Slaves were subjected to physical abuse and strange fact with & # 39 is that the government is allowed. Although the treatment of slaves varied in time and place; but it was generally harsh and humiliating. Most masters treated their slaves as objects similar to their lands, that you can "wear out, but not perfect."

Slaves were allocated for plantation area to stay in the apartments. On some plantations, slaves owners provide housing and other slaves had to build their own homes. They lived crowded in unequal cabins. One recalled: "We stayed in the houses of timber, and on the bare wooden floor was an unknown luxury in one room we killed like cattle, ten or a dozen people, men, women and children … we have not had any prysnikav or furniture. or description, and our beds were a collection of straw and old rags. "

Slaves wore clothes made of coarse material and were often unsuitable. Moreover, the slaves were punished smashing the shackles, beatings, mutilation and imprisonment. Punishment often admyaralasya in response to the rebellion, but sometimes the owners severely abused or necklace to assert their dominance. abuse did not end here; it also included rape, sexual abuse of women, battering of pregnant women, and this type of violence was more famous in the southern states than in the North.

Education slaves were forbidden to read. However, in the 18th century, the North began admyanistychny movement, and the country is beginning to separate the issue between North and South. In 1820, the "Missouri Compromise" prohibited slavery in all the new western territories, the southern states perceived as a threat to the institution of slavery. In 1857, in the Supreme Court, called "Dred Scott decision", states that are not negros from & # 39 are citizens and have the rights of citizenship; thus, slaves escaped to the free states were not free, but it remained the property of the owner, and they must be returned to them. Election of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party member of the anti-slavery president in 1860 convinced many Southerners that slavery never be allowed to expand, and therefore it should be canceled. Some southern states have responded to this, and this has led to a civil war. During the war, Abraham Lincoln issued his famous "Declaration of Liberation", freeing the slaves in all regions of the country, which at that time were in revolt. Eventually the 19 th Amendment to the Constitution officially freed American slaves.

African-American literature – a literature written about, and sometimes specifically for African Americans. Fashion began in the 18th and 19th century. Writers such as poet Phillis Wheatley and orator Frederick Douglass, reached an early high point in the era Harlem, and continue to work with authors such as Toni Morrison and Maya Anzhelou among the best writers in the United States. African-American literature tends to focus on topics of interest to black people, for example, to the role of African Americans in the broader American society and on issues such as African-American culture, racism, religion, slavery, freedom and equality. The main focus began with the earliest African-American literature, for example, the slave narrative, such as a literary work, which consists of written information enslaved Africans. Slave story contains detailed information on the above conditions slaves.

The first non-African-American author, poet Phillis Wheatley published his book "Poems on various topics" in 1773, three years before American independence. Born in Senegal, Africa, Wheatley was captured and sold into slavery at the age of 7. Delivered to America, she belonged to a Boston merchant. Despite the fact that she initially did not speak in English, up to the age of 16, she has mastered the language. Her poems have been praised many of the leading figures of the American Revolution
Despite this, many white people could not believe that the black woman can be so intelligent that to write poetry. As a result, Wheatley had to defend himself in court, proving that she really wrote his poems.

To submit this reality of slavery, a number of former slaves such as Haryet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass wrote slave narratives. After the end of slavery, a number of African writers continued to write innovative product on the conditions of African Americans in the country. Among the famous witches – WEB Du Bois. Another well-known author of this period with the & # 39 is Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856-1915), which largely represented the different thoughts Du Boa. He was one of the last generation of black African leaders born into slavery and became the leading voice of former slaves and their descendants. He is well-known for his speech "the Atlantic trade-off." He called for black progress in education and business, and not try to directly challenge the segregation of "Jim Crow" and the deprivation of the rights of black voters in the South.

Unlike Du Boa, who took a more confrontational attitude to end racial strife in America, Washington believed that Black must first raise themselves and prove unparalleled white before the request to stop the racism. His autobiography "The Story of My Life and Work" was published in 1900 for shyrokaamerykanskay audience. Meanwhile, in the years 1900-1901, Washington began to publish in the "popular magazine & # 39; prospect & # 39;" To slavery, "traces the path from the slave to the tutor book begins with the boy's difficulties in Washington, beginning with the life of his slave on a plantation. Virginia, where the absence of the names and history, which would give the identity of its existence, it was a painful and difficult to understand he remembers slaves' faithfulness and loyalty to the master, "but emphasizes the cruelty institutions:. lack of life, poor diet, bad clothes and ignorance have been slaves & # 39; a lot. In the next sections focus on the fight for literacy in the final section of "From Slavery" Washington tells of his car & # 39;. A career as a public speaker and social human rights activist He was an educator and founder of the Institute Tuskgi, black college in Alabama Among other published it.. works: "Fate of the American Negro" (1899), "Tuskgi and his people" (1905) and "My big EDUC" (1911).

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry was the first black woman, who wrote the play, full of Broadway. Her most famous work is "Raisin in the Sun" highlights the lives of black Americans living under racial segregation in Chicago. Something & # 39; I Ganzberry fought against segregation, disputing the restrictive pact and as a result of the Supreme Court case pravakavavshy Hansberry Vs., Lee.

In New York, Hansberry work in a pan-African newspaper & # 39; Freedom & # 39; where she dealt with intellectuals like Du Boa. Much of her work in that time came to fight for the liberation of Africa and their impact on the world. Hansberry was recognized as a lesbian, and sexual freedom – an important issue in several of its works.

It n & # 39; ENA "Raisin in the Sun" has been translated into 35 languages ​​and performed all over the world. "A Raisin in the Sun" is full of conflict: conflict between generations, gender conflicts, ideological conflicts and, perhaps most important, the conflict of dreams that are at the center of n & # 39; plays. The dream – one of the characteristic performance. Each character n & # 39; plays a very specific dream. Walter dreams of success, mom dreams that the family & # 39; and successfully developed, Beneata dreams of becoming a doctor. These dreams are like pushing heroes and tear them, because every day that passes, it may not lead to a plan to achieve those dreams.

African-American men who have suffered physically and mentally, created a fantastic literary works that have earned the honor not only in America but around the world. Their work mainly reflect their suffering and the struggle to achieve identity in a white society. They had great service in English literature and continue to do the same.

Subscribe for beginners in Washington State

Sadly Beil:

In Washington, a person commits an offense "Jumping bail" when he or she is released on personal recognition or on bail and was released with the knowledge they are required to return to court for further proceedings. Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.170 (1). Man, too, is to blame for jump bail, if they have knowledge about the requirement to report to prison to serve his sentence and did not do it. Id . According to the non-professionals, if you abvinavatsilisya a crime and not from the & # 39; yavitsesya the court, if you know what you need, or if you do not fall into jail (or prison), to serve the sentence, if you know what you're supposed to , you are guilty of a crime when you jump bail.

Crime jumps bail may be a crime or offense. Class or level of punishment on his own recognizance with a subscription depends on the crime that you were originally charged, and not from the & # 39; yavitsesya. Jumping bail:

(A) Class A offense if the person detained, accused of killing or condemned in the first degree;

(B) Class B felony when the person was arrested, accused of guilty or was convicted of a crime of Class A, except the murder of the first degree;

(C) a criminal offense of class, if the person was detained, charged or convicted of a crime a Class B or Class C;

(D) The offense when the person was arrested, charged with or convicted of the charges for gross fault or blame.

Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.170 (3).


There is a protection to help out when jumping? Yes. There is a positive defense. Affirmative defense means that you acknowledge that committed the act, but it was legally justified. Protection set out in the Charter of jumping bail. It reads:

This is a positive defense to prosecution under this chapter

that uncontrollable circumstances prevented the man

with & # 39; appearance or surrender, and that person is not promoted

the creation of circumstances with reckless disregard

the requirement to & # 39 will either give up and to people with & # 39; was

or surrendered as soon as these circumstances have ceased to exist.

Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.170 (2).

Question: What is considered "uncontrollable circumstances"? The Expendables circumstances mean that you have no control over the circumstances that caused you to miss court. An act of God can qualify. For example, if you miss the court, because the tornado picks up your car (or you are) and breaks it (or you) on the ground, then you may have a pretty good defense, you missed the required court date, based on uncontrolled circumstances. If you are in hospital, it may be qualified, if you can get a message from the doctor that you are hospitalized and physically unable to go to court. Be careful, however, if you are in the hospital because of something that you did, the prosecutor may argue that you "have contributed to the creation of such circumstances." If you are stolen and taken hostage, it can also be classified as a protection. Regardless of rampant circumstances that prevent you make a court date, just make sure that as soon as you can, you will get on the court calendar, so you have fulfilled the requirement with the & # 39; appearance or delivery as soon as stops your uncontrollable circumstance. exist.

There may be other remedies that fall under the category of "evidentiary burden". This means that the prosecuting authority simply does not have sufficient evidence to prove each element of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, they may not be records of what you said about the judiciary required date, and therefore they could not prove the element of knowledge.

Generally speaking, to prove the charge jumps from house arrest is relatively easy for the prosecutor's office. All they have to do is: 1) a certified copy of the promise to the & # 39; to appear in court on a particular day, who signed the defendant, if they get a court date, and 2) the witness, for example, the court reporter, who can testify that date, the defendant had to & # 39 appears in the court records indicate that he was not the & # 39; I was.

A copy of the promise to the & # 39; will be signed by the defendant shows knowledge of the requirements to & # 39 appears. In the district where I work, the language of the procedure which establishes the following mandatory court date is as follows:

Respondent ordered to & # 39 will appear on all court hearings

(Pre-trial hearing or hearing status) … The defendant is not of & # 39; was

during the trial or in preparation for the trial or hearing of any other established and

The court can lead to the issuance of warrants for the execution of the meeting, the confiscation

Collateral and / or criminal prosecution for violation of the violations in accordance with the

Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.170.

Charge from jumping bail can be very difficult to defend against. Just forget about the date of the court – it is not a defense. Second Division of the Appeal Court of the State of Washington found that the "I forgot," based on the reading of the statute is not & # 39 is protected. The prosecution must prove only that he was aware of the trial date, and is not about to find out the date after that.

For the defender, they must study the law and the reports on the case. They need to determine whether such a hearing, at which actually had a & # 39; will be the defendant. There are different types of hearing and not all require mandatory appearances. They must investigate and determine whether the accused was aware of the requirement to & # 39; will be at the hearing and, if so, whether there is any real evidence to support this. There are a living witness as a clerk, which will result in the prosecutor's office? Have a certified copy of the signed promise from the & # 39; will be? Finally, they need to investigate the cause of a & # 39; appearance and determine what is "uncontrollable circumstance."

PARAMETERS FOR stay learned:

As mentioned above, jumping from house arrest of & # 39 are the offense, where the accused "was arrested, accused of charges or had been convicted of gross guilt or blame." Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.170 (3) (d). The maximum penalty for the offense – 90 days in jail and a fine of $ 1,000. In these cases, the judge shall appoint a verdict on bail jumper anywhere from 0 to 90 days in jail and a fine of $ 1000 In addition, the accused can be tried on probation and required to pay contingent fees.

If the right to violate violation falls into one of the criminal offenses, it gets a little more complicated. In Washington sentencing scheme works primarily on the network system. A vertical edge of the network – a "level sur & # 39; oznastsi". Horizontal edge – this "offender assessment". The Washington-based system has 16 levels of suras & # 39; oznastsi. Sixteen-year level has only one crime: Murder in the First. The only two penalties for this crime – it is life in prison without the possibility of parole detention and the death penalty, no matter how much you have done the infringer. The lowest level of suras & # 39; oznastsi – one. This level includes a crime such as theft of second degree (theft property worth 750 to $ 5,000) and counterfeiting. Assessment of offenders prior criminal record consists of qualification. In determining the level of suras & # 39; oznastsi crime and offender assessment you will find the sentence "normal range", which should make the court. There are exceptions to the verdict in the normal range, but this discussion another day. Usually, the court shall issue a sentence within the normal range. If that happens, no one can not appeal against this verdict. If the court rules "exceptional" sentence outside the standard range, either side may appeal the complaint.

Destructive jump on a charge of first-degree murder has suras & # 39; oznasts six. If the number of criminals is 0 (zero), the standard sentence is twelve months plus one day (meaning prison) to fourteen months. Assessment of the offender is only nine of the sentence network. Anything above nine, falls into the standard range for nine points offender. The standard mode of recovery with a guarantee retention of the first degree with honors from the criminals is nine years imprisonment from 77 to 102 months.

Salvation bail with an initial charge of Class A crime has a level sur & # 39; oznastsi five. Standard sentencing begins with 6 to 12 in your local prison. For the offender, who scored more than nine, the range is in prison from 72 to 96 months.

And finally, the guarantor jump on crimes of class B or C has a level sur & # 39; oznastsi three. If the offender is 0, then in prison from one to three months. The range for the offender's assessment plus nine is from 51 to 60 months. Sixty months or five years, the maximum sentence.


As you can see, the offense jumping bail is easy to make. If you just forget the trial date, you can pre & # 39; make known the accusation and condemned for jumping bail. You can also see that it is easy to prove for the prosecution and the defense is difficult to defend against, and the consequences of suras & # 39; serious.

Thus, the word is wise not to industrial COURT! Wise did not late. If they call your name and you are not, you run the risk of failure, the application on a bench before the & # 39; appearance of charges in jumping bail. Help in protecting, not in the prosecution; do not miss the court date.

What is now necessary to America – a secular president, George Washington

Religious spores always lead to more visual and irreconcilable hatred than those arising from any other source. ( George Washington letter to Sir Edward Nyuenhem, June 22, 1792)

Stop the enthusiasm of progressive candidates who flaunt on their religious beliefs. this essay

It explains why the chatter, no matter how otherwise was attractive, can be dangerous for the nation, which includes JFK:

I believe in America where the separation of church and state with & # 39 is an absolute … where no religious body does not seek to impose its will directly or indirectly into the broader population. (September 12, 1960 at the Grand X & # 39; yustanskay Ministerial Association)

It is obvious that all the progressive candidates prefer the typical ultra-divisional fundamentalist Mike Hakebi, Mike Pence, or almost any Republican in Congress, the Supreme Court, or in the office of Donald Trump. Nevertheless, the progressive candidate who pronounces the order of their religiosity, even if it checks all or most of the well-regarded liberal boxes – fun, young, intelligent and well-educated, good, attractive, funny, war veterans, and maybe even a vegan and so further – still need to be considered with skepticism as a likely threat to the preservation of what is left of our secular republic.

This is not a simple question. Without mentioning any mayor in the south-west, which at this point may seem almost too good to be true, the fear of the pious believers should be evaluated by enthusiasts of science, rationality, and especially a strict separation of church and state. Particular caution is applied appropriate to the person who says that theology informs about their political positions.

In a sense, the secularists can encourage attractive presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, which manifests Christian piety, as first thought may feel that it increases the prospects of his choice. We have seen cases where some pious liberal as elders in the play Goodbye Bird, many think perfect in every way, Trump questions of religion, hypocritical moralistic scolding vice president for the fact that part of the pornazorkavae presidency and uses biblical references to support their positions. Unfortunately, the public interest in a secular democracy is not well served to politicians, who understand that, who is a good Christian or a believer is number one. Who cares to take care? Let believers lead these discussions, if so inclined, but keep those in the churches and in religious families, rather than the candidate forums and in political campaigns.

Personally, I admit that I prefer the attractive Democratic candidate, which shows the performances of Christian abuse, primarily as a winning strategy for the religious rights of the segments from the one who really believes in such nonsense. I never thought that I would take, or at least adapt the infamous remark Barry Goldvoter with the presidential campaign of 1964, in order to justify such expediency (ie Extremism in the defense of liberty is not of & # 39 is a vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is not of & # 39 is an advantage ). However, given the existing circumstances in 2019, I have no such delaminations, so something like this:

Counterfeit piety in the defense of liberty is not such a terrible sin, if you do so in order to prevent another term for Donald Trump. Speech, which reduces the supernatural, but it hurts a chance to mind in the government, not from the & # 39 is an advantage.

Usefulness aside, here are some examples of the current rhetoric, otherwise svyatsivshysya candidate who sets my theocratic acknowledgment:

At the town hall meeting he told CNN: I feel that the Scripture – is the protection of the stranger, the prisoner and the poor man, and the idea of ​​greeting. This is what I get in the Gospel, when I'm in church.

In fact, I prefer the one who feels like this all the time, all, and not only when he reads the Gospel and / or in the church.

Otherwise, the ideal candidate also criticized the vice-president in a way that seems to spiritually just strange:

The prospect of the vice president has a lot more to do with sexuality, and I do not know, a certain look or truth.

To me it is difficult to to linked pension with sexuality, especially in view of its overly focused attention on the straightness, moral correctness and fairness.

If the candidate shows quotes from holy books and brings what he thinks, he discovered the wisdom of religious dogmas and doctrines, a clear message that his views on politics are informed, guided or rely on spiritual matters or for granted. This, in turn, adds extensive error and hope of religious fundamentalists that with America & # 39 is a Christian nation.

James Madison believed it religious unfreedom shackles and drain the mind and unleashes it for every noble enterprise, every expanded perspective.

I'm wondering if another attractive candidate does not agree either with the President Madison, either with President Kennedy, quoted earlier commitment to absolute separation of church and state.

The other day in the Washington Post article, David Nios has offered to assume otherwise attractive presidential candidate:

There is a reason that progressives eventually reduced religion – and such a cause is called progress. Science and empiricism, together with the values ​​that recognize the dignity and the dignity of all people, are considered a legitimate basis for a progressive political dialogue. (David Nios, Mayor Pete Butsigie, Progressive Christianity – there is nothing to celebrate , In Hemant Mehta & Friendly Athehes, April 21, 2019 G.)

Now America needs a candidate in several forms Cortland Palmer, which is described as follows in the aide of Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll:

He studied for themselves questions, problems and mysteries of life. Most were nothing to him. No fault can not be old enough popular, there is plausible profitable to bribe their opinion or save conscience. He was a believer in intellectual hospitality, in an honest exchange of views, in good mental manner, in the comfort of the soul, in the Knights discussion. He believed in the morality of the useful, in that goodness – they are friends of mankind, the seed of joy. He lived and worked for his fellow countrymen.

Unfortunately, there is no George Washington, John F. Kennedy, James Madison and Cortland Palmer, but a lot of other people who put forward a political program that separates and distinguishes all government business people from whimsical spiritual program of Christianity and other religions.