Networking in public circles in Washington, DC; How to act gay


When establishing networks in government circles in Washington, California, you have to learn a little about homosexual Lange, even if you are not gay. In Washington, there is an incredible underground network of gay, which governs our government, and they are actively involved with the congressmen and senators on the staff level. Many homosexuals are also very involved as around Washington bureaucrats, you will need to work with them, if you want to do something in this town.

Why is this you ask? Well, probably because homosexual men are usually very social, and they are good builders relations, like women, and not too vglyblyayuchysya into stereotypes or prejudices, let just leave it. And in fact it does not matter why the fact that this is the case and you have to deal with this, if you want to do everything in Washington, DC, as a big part of the social network of people to try to control our government.

Of course, there is a group that is very anti-gay, but not vocal. Instead, they are a little opposition, if they believe that talking with a man who with a & # 39 is gay. Many of homosexuals in Washington, DC, think that they are just homophobic, and perhaps they are, as this is explained by their attitude. Perhaps homosexuals challenged his courage and the way they were brought up. Either way, you need to understand the difference and be able to change their identity when establishing networks parties in Washington, DC. Please consider this in 2006.


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