Barbados, the American Independence and George Washington


Most people probably do not realize it, I was up until I did some research before our visit to Barbados last fall. There are many cases where the barbarian leaders and their form of government influence on our own struggle for freedom, and the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

Back in 1649 was established very strong ties with the colonies, when a group that called itself Barbadskim society of gentlemen adventurers, went north and opened Carolyn (the first seven of twenty-one Barbadana governors, as well as two in Massachusetts).

As the founders, who organized colonies Caroline were with Barbodasa and the first governor of South Carolina, and their influence was felt in the colonies. One example of the & # 39 Oistsin is the Treaty, which was signed in Barbados in 1652 and contains a clause which states "that no taxes, customs duties, excise duties are not established and not charged with any one of the residents this island without the consent of the General Assembly. "

In Barbodasa also had its own tea party, like a tea party in Boston.

Historians who have studied both documents Treaty Oistsin and the Declaration of Independence, believed that more than half of the languages ​​of the Treaty included in our Declaration of Independence. It is obvious that with the Barbado was a lot of advice on the formation of their own government.

Hoping to cure his pneumonia pavbrata Lawrence, George Washington stayed on the island for six weeks in 1751 at the residence, which is now called "Home of George Washington." At that time there were only nineteen, and it was the only Washington's visit outside the United States.

Washington liked finding, motivating and a nice view of the land and the sea. Monthly rate of $ 75 allowed him to use the house and let him spend the evening numerous attractions to enjoy the scenery and pleasant evenings.

The island was a long journey from the time when the Indians Barrankoydy landed in 500 AD. Over the past 300 years, the island has become one of the most successful Caribbean. Among the achievements he has the most visited of visitors on any Caribbean island, a strong middle class, and the educational system produces a 97% literacy rate.

There is no doubt that the future Barbodasa has only good things, thanks to the national pride of the people will remain strong and proud of its heritage.


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