Movies Denzel Washington against films Morgan Freeman – What to know


In the arena of pop culture trivia movie – terrible category. Within this category, many are asking questions such as "who is the best African-American actor of our time?" To answer this, it seems that this is definitely the front two, but who do you think takes the cake may have to solve on their own. If you compare the films Denzel Washington movie Morgan Freeman, you will find what makes them so powerful and deep representatives of this category, which simultaneously marked as the similarity and in their differences.

For example, Denzel Washington was the first African-American men, who won an Oscar for best actor in the leading role that made in 2002 on the day of training. It came about 25 years of his exciting car & # 39; career.

Before that, in 1990, he won a supporting actor Oscar for Glory, which served to establish his name and personality as a real star in Hollywood.

As for the total number of the Denzel Washington film against Morgan Freeman, then Morgan Freeman has almost twice as many played on the screen than his young colleague.

If you compare the films Denzel Washington movie about Morgan Freeman, you'll notice that in the summary of Morgan Freeman has almost twice as many roles. He also won an Academy Award and has been in the role of actor-producer for participation in a film directed by Clint Eastwood, who directed the infant million dollars in 2004.

Its versatility is almost unrivaled, because you can find it with a great team on the screen in memory roles from The Shawshank Redemption and Driving Miss Daisy. It is clear that his talents were not confined to drama, since it also acts in the comedy Bruce Almighty and stop thriller Se7en, and even in the recent battle movie "Wanted."


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