Fun facts about Washington


Useless Facts and crazy stuff – it's fun. Who knows why? But why do you ask? We love the stuff!

Here is a wonderful list of interesting facts about Washington for those who live in the state and just can not get enough of your current location:

– Washington State – the only state, which is named after the US president.

– Bill Gates lives in Medina, and Microsoft Corporation – Redmond.

– The area was known as the Columbia and has been modified so that it is not confused with the District of Columbia.

– Music of Jimi Hendrix and actor / singer Bing Crosby was born in the state.

– State insect – Green Darner dragonfly.

– The first Starbucks coffee shop was opened in the city of Seattle

– Washington & # 39 is home to the Amazon e-mega-store.

– Rhododendron coast – the state flower and the apple – the fruit of the state.

– Space Needle in Seattle, the height of 605 feet.

– Washington has five volcanoes.

– Washington & # 39 is the number one state in the United States for the production of lentils, mint oil and cherries.

– In Washington, it founded the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

– tribes Chinook, Nisqually, Quinoult Puyallup and indigenous people living in the state, to the west of the cascade.

– Washington & # 39; is the largest exporter in the country.

– Seattle has the highest concentration of aerospace jobs in the world.

– Washington became the 42nd state, who was admitted to the Union.

Sound interesting? Probably not – but read the facts it was probably much more interesting than what's happening in Washington suit, which you are now engaged. Now go back to work and weave these tasty gems of knowledge in your next report, job, or table.


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