Finally! Medical Marijuana Bill Goes to Washington, DC!


It seems incredible, but medical marijuana may soon be making their way to the US capital, although Congress has repeatedly strayed over many years of research. Let's hope that soon the medical marijuana celebrate the victory of their efforts, as well as the people, the only hope that with the & # 39 is the treatment of marijuana.

Back in 1998, voters in Washington is located next to the advanced initiate movement of marijuana when they were interviewed about 3-7 per doctor is a drug, which is now known as a medicine obtained by a medical marijuana card. It was a much larger number of people than in any of the 8 other government initiatives vote, supported across the country. But no smoking holiday and then did not follow, at least for now. At the site of the ballots employees spent the night in the voting, voting results masking, protecting a last-minute amendment to the & # 39; Congress Congress from Washington to the assets of any drug certification initiatives. Speaking of elections, ballots were printed before the ban, but the Board of Elections and Ethics Standing Committee decided that in order to achieve the objectives of the law should be preserved after the voting results will be announced.

However, after 12 years the political landscape seems to be significantly different. Bob Barr, the sponsor of the ban Congress 98, traveled all the way from the hunter to the drug libertaryyana, the main fighter for the legalization of marijuana. Once he even wrote the laws. 14 states have made medical marijuana legal since, as California did so for the first time. In this direction, moving several states. In December 2009, Bara amendment was quietly removed by Congress, which is already dominated by Democrats. It gave Washington to intensify their old law on drugs. A few weeks later, David Catania, deputy city council, went to the adoption of the bill, which would take the initiative 59, and he was supported by 9 out of 13 board members. He says that he is concerned about, since the data he had seen, demonstrate greater preference for medical marijuana, which can improve appetite and reduce pain. If the issue goes to the federal level, marijuana doctors and medical workers on marijuana clinic quickly relieved. David Catania also said that the policy details still need to be agreed – the number of medical marijuana clinics, where they can be private or non-profit, in which diseases medical marijuana cards will be available, where the plant is grown, etc. . He is committed to the implementation of a more limited understanding that any legal marijuana law can be removed by the following Governments.

Catania also believes that such a system can make 5-10 non-profit medical marijuana clinics throughout the city, which, at least, must be 1,000 feet from parks, schools, clinics and other medical marijuana. In Los Angeles, it was hundreds of marijuana clinics, which are privately owned and for many years performed typically 500 feet. But the LA City Council adopted amended the law on drugs a few hours after Washington issued its own rule, applying the rule £ 1,000 and reducing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to about 150. The representative of the DC City Council said the bill is likely to succeed in the summer is approved by Congress.

Numerous studies have shown that medical marijuana is effective in the treatment of nausea, loss of appetite in cancer patients and improve AIDS and acts as a pain reliever, as well as other effects. AMA – American Medical Association – in his political statement initiates constant well-controlled and adequate studies of marijuana and related cannabinoids in patients involved in a thorough position on this issue.

Some of the leading activists of the initiative 59 coincide with contradictions, though they have almost reached some light at the end of the tunnel. Electoral bloc recreational marijuana smokers may be even less interested when Catania will do what he intends to do. Catania said he does not see this as widely as possible to legalize marijuana for training on vacation, as well as states that do not support the use of medical marijuana "for alarm and parties." Rather, he says that this bill is intended to provide marijuana to those who are seriously ill.


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