Elop in Snogomish County, Washington: 5 steps that you can get married


Many couples opt to run across the county Snohomish, WA.

District Snohomish – great district north of Seattle, and offers a unique and memorable place / venue for the increase of time. A district makes it convenient to fix the marriage license, you want to get married in three days, next week or next month!

If you razglyadaetsesya County Snogomish, here are 5 steps to get you to marry.

How to Elope ~ Snohomish County Style!

1) apply for and obtain a license in the office of the licensing Snohomish County marriages. You can not go in Snohomish County with no real marital license, so license software – one of the first things you should do.

In Snohomish County has a very comprehensive website, loaded with all the information necessary for the application and fixing of this conjugal license. You can apply in person and pick up the license, or you can start the process by phone and mail. If you are applying in person license, you have to & # 39 appears. for the license fee is $ 64 and a blood test is required. note: is a 3-day waiting period from the date of issuance of your license before you can get married, and your license is good until 60 days from the date of its issue.

2) Decide on the "Where" to Elop in Snohomish : Snohomish County is popular with local couples and couples who travel to the area because it offers a wide selection of places and places to stay indoors and outdoors. If you want to get married on the water, on top of the mountain in quaint rustic bed and breakfast or perhaps a ferry that departs from Mukiltea Whidbey Island, your options are endless.

Discover Snohomish County Bureau of Tourism for more information and ideas, or consider one of these popular places / spaces for their weakening, whether your guest list – 2 or 10 people!

– River Rock Inn, Arlingtan, WA

– Noisy Quay ferry dock, Edmonds, WA

– Location country Arlingtan, WA

– Farmhouse Monte Villa, Bothell, WA

– Chapel Bell, Snohomish, WA

3) What is your guest list: 2 witnesses (and maybe more)! – If you plan on its decline, do not forget that you will need two witnesses over 18 years!

4) Find the official or the minister, who is happy to inform you about the restoration. In the West and in Washington Snohomish County has a lot of great officials and ministers who would like to participate in your elapementse. Use the Internet to find a few people and find someone who resonates with you. Most of all, if you go to a popular summer wedding season, make a short list of several candidates, as to find someone can often be difficult at this busy time of year.

5) Your wedding day: Specify marrying and submit your legal documents . That's right! Get your weakening abmyanyaytsesya promises and do not forget to file legal proceedings in the District. Often your official or minister will do it for you as a courtesy. Thus, continue today and enjoy every minute of creating entire memory!


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