Nightlife Bangkok – Washington Square

People familiar with Bangkok or visiting visit know about some of the more famous and infamous places of nightlife venues. The most famous of & # 39 is Patpong, which dates back to the 1960s and was popular among the soldiers on leave from the war in B & # 39; etname. Nana Plaza are also known close to the Sukhumvit Road on Soi 4 ​​(Soi Nana) and Soi Cowboy.
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In fact, there are several other entertainment areas that are more well-known over the years, such as the Ratchadapisek Road, Rama IX Road, RCA (Royal City Avenue), Soi Thonglor and Soi Ekhamai.
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But the maps of most information sources there is one place: Washington Square (and vicinity).
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Elevations Washington Square directed to the south side of the road between Sukhumwit Sukhumwit Soi 22 and Sukhumwit Soi 24, closest to the other, than the latter.
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Washington Square – this is actually a body with three cheekbones, long buildings, which occupy a large part of the center, with a drive that runs along all four sides, framed by a number of transportation buildings. Square can be accessed directly from the road by a short Sukhumvit under & # 39; entrance to the inner drive or from Sukhumvit Soi 22 opposite the hotel Regency Park, about a hundred meters from Sukhumvit Road.
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Area – quite an interesting place. There are several bars, including two serving food, some of which offer only drinks, and others who are more restaurant in nature than bar. There are several bars that serve Japanese. Located in the very north-western corner of the square is even a gay bar, but for most patrons, it can be on another planet. There are also several massage parlors. There are several companies, including a printer and a travel agency. In the middle of the three buildings, which were located next to a cinema, but now on the ground floor it offers a large bar, a pool-oriented, with the cabaret “Ladyboy” upstairs in the auditorium.
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The largest group of regulars in the area – and it’s a lot of regulars & # 39; kind of – it’s the US, although many other nationalities are represented, especially the Canadian, British, Australian and New Zealand, but with many other representatives of at least one or two people. For the most part, patrons Square (a group dubbed “kvadranichy”), several senior group and almost entirely male.
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Western places, focused only on the western site, and two bars that also serve food, not for the faint of heart, because they can be very insincere. Not always, but sometimes. The same in all places, which apply only drinks. If they quietly quietly, they will be a great place for relaxation, whether you want to sit on their own, listening to music or watching TV – in all the places there and then, and more, or to establish a conversation with other customers or employees. Of course, if you like debashyravanne, you can find it. Prices of alcoholic beverages is particularly competitive, especially compared to hotels and bars on the famous places. In general, there are about a dozen sites that provide mostly Westerners.
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Along Sukhumvit Soy 22 is iskazatsyyny bar, plus one small block (most) bars on the other side of soybeans from the Washington area and a little further down. All of them are oriented to the West and have many regular patrons.

This is a good area to feel for a resident living in exile, which is very different from that in the corporate expat. Most of the people around the area full time * and * the long-term – is not rotated after the tour to his native country. Many have a Thai wife, and some have children. A significant number of pensioners (including quite a few retired military). The largest working group consists of people who are engaged in the oil business and the construction of (often associated with oil), as well as workers in the field.

Local British writer once wrote an article that described the regulars of the area as “people with thousands of yards,” and it’s a good metaphor. Newcomers are always welcome, but skuranyane like to remember them (and neither fools do not suffer at all, despite the joy!).

I note that, although I skvaronavski itself (and already so much ten years), I have no business interests somewhere in the Washington area. People sometimes ask me, because I often write about it.

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