Schedule preservation of and visits Washington – rules and recommendations


Washington has prepared the laws and procedures governing the guardianship of children to ensure that children of divorced or separated parents continue to receive the same standards of care as when the parents were together. These laws are in the revision of the Code of Washington in the header 26. In these charters can find information on the requirements for detention periods and visits. This information is from the & # 39 is important to the understanding of the parents, because they have to set up a schedule of guardianship, a court will accept and support. Here is a brief overview of some of the rules that define the schedule of visits.

1. The Court may make the overall schedule of child-rearing. Title 26 gives the court the authority to make a graph of the total education of children in the custody and schedule a visit. The general schedule of parenting means that the child often changes its residence between the houses of parents. Parents may also agree to this type of schedule before the court appeal. This obviously has a big impact on the balance of guardianship, which is created by the parents. Some of the factors which the Court takes into account when deciding on the order of the schedule, with the & # 39 are as follows: if the parents are able to work earlier, when parents give consent to the agreement, or the parents live close to each other, if one of the parents threw the child into the past if it is in the interest of the child, etc.

2. The Court shall take a decision on custody in the child's best interests. The first section of the header 26 of the Act specifically states specifically that the court uses to decide the custody and distribution of parental authority standard in order that the interests of the child. Parents need to focus on this standard, if they create a schedule of care. Parental time schedule should be based on the physical, emotional and mental needs of the child. The child should be plenty of time with each parent, to get help and to continue to develop relations. Court in Washington will not accept anything that does not bring the child benefit.

3. The schedule needs to support the growth of the child's emotional, physical health and mental health of the child. The law declared that a schedule that meets the interests of the child will maintain the emotional growth of the child, physical health and mental health (stated in the header 26). Parents need to think about all these things when they create a schedule of visits. To ensure that the timetable for the implementation of this requirement, the court will take into account: the relative strength, nature and stability of the child's relationship with each parent; daily roles that parents carried out before the separation; the past and the possibilities of the future parenting of each parent; emotional needs and level of development of the child; child's relationship with his brothers and sisters and other influential people in the life of the child; the wishes of parents and children; and parents & # 39; busy schedules. All these factors affect the way how to make the schedule of custody and visitation.


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