Getting rid of political corruption in Washington – a way to clean house in the government?

How can drain the swamp in American politics? I sometimes wonder if it's possible. My personal opinion is yes, I would also like to drain the swamp, I just want to first drain the swamp, not knowing how it would work. Back in late 2015, we discussed the issues of political corruption, and we thought that through, and how to do it, we have determined that you need to "clean the house" or what he calls Donald Trump; draining swamps.

I asked one of our analysts; "What if the disclosure of the findings is the people through honest media source reported on the news as really necessary?"

So, exposing corruption, such as the WikiLeaks tried to do from the DNC. Of course, one of the problems is that most of the shenanigav taking place in American politics, not even considered weight suras & # 39; oznay (more common), until they get free stuff or policies with & # 39 is their party, they do not care. In the case of a reporter if they are bent to the left, the Democrats are playing application and act as apologetics, then attack the politicians and leaders of the Republicans.

As a writer, I have no need for Pulittsery, and I do not always put great importance on samadabrasumnyh alarms, particularly those involved and wants immunity or an ax to grind, or do something dishonest do whistle. I especially do not like traitors.

Our philosopher also said; "You know what the conclusions will also make its way to the giant news corporations, as well as the back channel."

I think, and yet this information is received? Remember the scandal with Rupert Murdoch? Remember the scandal of HP board members, who are recording phone calls on a cell phone? Although it is theoretically due to the media, there is no source, it means to be dishonest in the process. You can even trust the media? I do not know.

Another issue that I see is that it would not have worked if it were not completely nonpartisan. Probably, there are many very political animals on both sides of the aisle, and the secondary party would like to see the information the NSA has, for example, to stop his political rivals. In fact, it can change history and destroy the country, even if it is done properly and disorganized. (Remember, this was a conversation at the end of 2015).

Now our philosopher said: "We need good agents, and with the support of the analytical center (which can provide objective) it can be effective."

Boy, you should have some super people on your team, integrity is beyond reproach, and you must have command and control over the organization, devoid of attention and without attention (almost invisible). I do not know anyone to whom I can trust at this level, only one, and I'm not sure what I wanted to do it, even if I understand the need.

You see, I also understand animals, political animals. I understand the competitive aspects and the type of person required to do the job. Have you ever participated in politics? Some of these people are worse than the stock brokers in the house provadnym trading penny stocks or work in the boiler. Last won a liar.

Indeed, I believe that the United States Supreme Court has been compromised by corporations that provide jobs and high-paying consulting gigs immediate family member of the & # 39; and Supreme Court judges. We can not let that happen. We need to remove and replace those members of the Supreme Court, which have allowed this compromise influence decisions. We also need to look at the executive branch, the Senate and all members of Congress, BOTH parties, not just one.

We need to look at all the governors and all senior bureaucrats at the federal and state levels. Once we do that, we need the suras & # 39; oznaya commitment to the fight against corruption, to do everything to the level of the municipal level. Think about it.

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